About Desert Hockey Development

Desert Hockey Development is a community outreach non-profit organization dedicated to building youth hockey, primarily in Arizona and eventually the rest of the Southwest US.

RedHairedKidThe significant initial equipment investment isn’t something to be taken lightly just to “see if my kid likes hockey”. We hope to offer opportunities to children and their parents to give the best sport in the world a shot without sacrificing too much.

We’re a not for profit organization, a group of people that came together for a call to action during the battle to keep the Coyotes home where they belong. We realize that, while there is a strong core of hockey fans in Arizona and a growing group of kids learning the sport, there are not enough of “us” around.

The sport of hockey builds teamwork and accountability, we’ll be emphasizing the character of sports as much as the technical skills. Sportsmanship is more than just a word. We emphasize accountability and respect as core components of being a well rounded player.

One of our coaches, Brent Proud, said the following in a recent unrelated email. It bears repeating because it exemplifies what we’re trying to do and how we want to do it:

“Don’t get me wrong, they have to work hard to improve but it’s about
teaching fun. It really doesn’t matter about winning or losing, it’s about
having fun and improving as team and each as individuals.

Those ideas have always worked and the kids all continue you to play and that’s what matters.”

We hope to build the base of hockey people around us and do our small part to increase their fitness level at the same time.

What it's all about (AZ Central photo)

What it’s all about
(AZ Central photo)

Our group was founded by Glendale First! people who worked hard at the grassroots level to ensure the future of the Coyotes in Glendale. Because of that, we saw an opportunity to continue working in the community to help satisfy a need for youth recreation. Glendale has an inline skating facility that has been underutilized and it happens to be in a Glendale district that can use more youth activities.

We’re currently building our presence in Glendale and working with the city to improve their facility and increase it’s utilization without adding more stress to the already stretched city budget.

Phoenix and Tucson are the next likely candidates for expansion and then we’ll head north.

If we end up with a bunch more hockey players, so much the better.

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