Desert Hockey Development is a youth outreach non-profit organization founded in 2013.  We are dedicated to building youth hockey in Arizona and eventually the rest of the Southwest US.

HockeyTykesTykes_instructionThe initial equipment investment for hockey isn’t something to be taken lightly just to “see if my kid likes hockey”.

We offer opportunities to children and their parents to give the best sport in the world a shot without making sacrifices.

We’re a group of people that originally came together for a call to action during the battle to keep the Coyotes home where they belong.

We realize that, while there is a strong core of hockey fans in Arizona and a growing group of kids learning the sport, there are not enough of “us” around.

Coyotes_at_clinicThe sport of hockey builds teamwork and accountability. We emphasize the character of sports, respect, and the spirit of winning (and losing) as much as the technical skills.

We feel the core components of being a well rounded player have little to do with skill level. DHD is trying to provide opportunities to kids that otherwise wouldn’t have them.

Our FREE clinics are always well attended and a lot of fun.

We’re currently building our presence in Glendale and working with the city to improve their inline hockey facility and increase it’s utilization.

Phoenix and Tucson are the next likely candidates for expansion and then we’ll head north.